CDG's robust wholesale and interconnect billing solution, BDS-I, can be customized to meet clients' particular billing and collection requirements. It is deliverable as an online or service bureau product and the modules listed are inclusive.

Accounts Receivable Interface

This module uses on-demand batch processes to automatically convert critical accounts receivable information created by BDS-I into file formats required by PeopleSoft (Oracle) or John Staurulakis, Inc. (JSI) accounting systems, as well as CSV or flat file formats that can be uploaded easily into any general ledger system. This automated process eliminates human error for submitting essential data into these systems.

Adjustment and Other Charges & Credits (OC&C) Interface

Adjustment and Other Charges & Credits (OC&C) interface automatically posts payments, adjustments and OC&Cs into an adjustment file to eliminate manual entry. The interface includes complete edit checks, detailed audit reporting and error file recording with corresponding error codes.

Bill Data Tape (BDT)

Bill Data Tape (BDT) provides the ability to produce mechanized access bills according to C/BOS industry standards.

Collection Letters

A supplement to the BDS-I treatment process, Collection Letters can automatically be created for carriers who have past due amounts for periods of 30-, 60- and 90-days plus or 60-, 90-, 120-days plus outstanding balances. Based upon the user's chosen time period, three unique messages can be created at the carrier, feature group or days past due levels and can be directed to all carriers or to specifically designated carriers. The collection letter process accounts for posted, real-time carrier payments and adjustments to ensure accurate balances are used. Collection letters are formatted to fit into standard window envelopes and can be distributed on pre-printed letterhead. A report identifies the number and categories of letters sent.

Customer Service Record (CSR)

Customer Service Record (CSR) produces the mechanized Customer Service Record according to C/BOS industry standards.

Daily Toll Processing

Daily Toll Processing affords the merging of usage into the BDS-I system as often as required to spread processing activities over a month's time and allows errors accumulated in the recycle file to be corrected as they occur early in processing. This is the same subsystem used in the BDS-I outsourced environment that accumulates and effectively processes very large record counts each month.

Derived Percent Interstate Usage (PIU)

Derived Percent Interstate Usage (PIU) affords clients the option to derive their own PIU from certain usage instead of adopting a carrier’s PIU. CDG recommends that clients enter an applicable agreement with each carrier if this option is implemented.


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Derived Percent Interstate Usage (PIU) affords clients the option to derive their own PIU from certain usage instead of adopting a carrier's PIU. CDG recommends that clients enter into an applicable agreement with each carrier if this option is implemented.

Discount Plan Compliance

Discount Plan Compliance works with CDG's current discount plan architecture to provide enhanced, options for analyzing, managing and mechanizing the complex dedicated and special access contracts your company has in place with their customers. The module provides automated updating capabilities, grace period management, penalty calculations, analytical reports for resource planning, and the ability to generate customizable compliance letters for customers that have contracts that are out of compliance.

Dispute Handling / Resolution

BDS-I's Dispute Handling / Resolution capabilities can help manage and resolve carrier disputes.


E-Bill allows companies to distribute carrier access and interconnection invoices to customers via a web-based portal. E-Bill provides current balance due information by account and invoice; options for viewing and printing current and past CABS invoices, CSRs, and Bill Remittance documents; and the ability for the customer to make and track CDR/usage requests by invoice to assist in centralizing and managing these events. E-Bill employs strict security controls that meet the most stringent audit requirements. Companies can control by carrier what data and accounts can be viewed.

LERG/NECA File Interface

LERG/NECA File interface module allows automated posting of the LERG and NECA #4 file information into the CLLI file to eliminate manual entry. Programs then can be used to update other screens within the BDS-I system. The module includes complete edit checks, detailed auditing reporting and error file recording with corresponding error codes. Customer has to have agreements in place to utilize the LERG and NECA #4 files.

Localizer Module

Localizer module employs Localizer database information to determine local usage based on the to- and from- NPA-NXX in the data record. The Localizer module also includes online screens for viewing the Localizer data for the valid local NPA-NXX relationships and the corresponding data definitions for the local tariff filed.


Mediation module helps overcome technical obstacles by gathering and preparing all of your diverse data for rating, usage distribution and usage processing to standard industry formats. Mediation processes data from switches and other network systems and converts the information to manageable formats for billing, auditing and reporting purposes, including detailed reporting of all invalid toll dropped in editing. Mediation's flexible business rules, rating, and scheduling also make it possible for a service provider to quickly activate new services without programming delays and accurately collect information to reliably bill consumers.


MTA IQ module can correctly identify terminating intraMTA wireless usage that is valid for billing. Usage records in which the LRN fields have been populated, are compared to MTA tables to determine the correct jurisdiction of the call. ILECs, CLECs, and other service providers can generate additional revenue regardless of their current arrangement by activating CDG's MTA usage and audit process.

Online Bill / CSR Display

Online Bill/CSR Display provides the ability to view access bills and customer service records online by invoice number. Twelve prior months of invoices and CSRs can be stored for viewing.

Payment Interface

Payment interface provides automated posting of batch payments into the payments file to eliminate manual entry. It includes complete edit checks, detailed audit reporting and error file recording with corresponding error codes.

Query Reporting Tool (QRT)

QRT is a web-based query creation application that allows you to quickly set up database queries through easy-to-use "Views" and define the output that is created from the query results. Whether you need to create a custom report, a Dashboard gadget or a targeted email campaign, QRT can do it all. MORE

Service Order Interface

Service Order interface allows automated posting of service orders into the facility access circuit files to eliminate manual entry. The module includes complete edit checks, detailed audit reporting and error file recording with corresponding error codes.

Variance Report

Variance Report provides a report and a file to segment usage information and revenue by traffic type and rate element. It includes a three-month comparison and variances between months reported.

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