Identifying fraudent calls is critical. CDG’s Mediation fraud detection capabilities can help you mine your warehoused data to detect and provide alerts about potential fraud, based on the rules you define.

Fraud Rules

  • Create and manage the factors used to evaluate and determine when fraud alerts are triggered, such as detecting customers who exceed 500 international minutes per month.
  • Define rules around to and from call numbers, call type, direction, line type, usage type, and other factors.
  • Set the rule status to control which rules are active and which are suspended.

Fraud Logs

  • Used to view specific details related to a fraud event.
  • Logs are created for each fraud event.
  • Actively manage fraud logs by changing the log status and entering comments.
  • Fraud logs and related call detail information is deleted from the system once the log status has been changed to Closed or Reported.
  • Control how long fraud logs are retained.

Fraud Exclusions

  • Specify exclusions to the fraud rules.
  • Exclude usage with specific numbers.
  • Exclusions can be for all fraud rules, or specific rule IDs.

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