CDG's convergent, scalable invoicing system, MBS, is highly flexible and functional. Designed for fast, easy data retrieval, MBS provides cycle billing with multiple invoice distribution. It simplifies the complexities associated with bundling services by using custom charge packages and makes credit adjustments a breeze from an online bill image screen. Improve invoice accuracy, optimize staff efficiency and gain control of revenue with CDG's modern, modular billing solution. The following modules are integrated for online, licensed or customized delivery.

Customer Care

Customer Care provides fast, easy account setup. It contains a multitude of search options for improving user's customer service, and Customer Care simplifies complex charges by building custom packages and bundles. The flexible account structure, multilevel security protection and efficient cycle billing, including multiple invoice distribution, make maintaining end-user account information simple and accessible. Credit adjustments can easily be made directly on a bill image. Customer Care is an accurate, efficient and reliable means to manage customers, collect revenue and use the operational systems. MORE

Customer Invoicing

Great invoices are not only critical to a company's image, they can also impact remittance return times, postage overhead, customer satisfaction and a company's overall sales power. The MBS Customer Invoicing module utilizes powerful and accurate bill calculations to produce effective, detailed, easy-to-understand invoices. The Customer Invoicing module features multiple formats and delivery methods, including print, email and web. Company and carrier logos can appear on the invoice, and customized advertising and educational messages can be included to increase your company's sales potential and inform customers about specific issues and current events. MORE


CDG's powerful Mediation module helps overcome the technical obstacles in billing by gathering and preparing all of your diverse data for rating, usage distribution and usage processing to standard industry formats. Mediation processes data from switches and other network systems and converts the information to manageable formats for billing, auditing and reporting purposes, including detailed reporting of all invalid toll dropped in editing. Mediation's flexible business rules, rating and scheduling also make it possible for a service provider to quickly activate new services without programming delays and accurately collect information to reliably bill consumers. MORE

Network / Plant

CDG's Network / Plant module is a network design and inventory management system for defining, managing, and reflecting your core network design and end-customer circuit representations. The system provides companies the ability to define, track, and efficiently manage every aspect of their inside and outside plant network, from wire centers, racks, and circuits to end points. Plant assets can also be assigned custom attributes and linked to associated subscriber account services and trouble tickets. MORE

Trouble Reporting

The MBS Trouble Reporting module provides easy tracking of reported trouble incidents. This system supports multiple companies and can be maintained by service, circuit or ticket number. MORE

CRM / Prospects

The CRM / Prospects module provides a central location to record your business's prospects and manage relevant data associated with them, including contact information, prospect stage, conversion probability, projected revenue and cost, proposed products and services, proposal and contract documents, and company-specific information. MORE

Task Management

Task Management is a highly customizable module that allows companies to easily create, assign, track, and complete tasks associated with the company's workflow. With options like dispatch functionality, scheduling calendars, mobile version functionality, and job automation and communication, Task Management provides the ability to interact with jobs on micro and macro levels and can help improve operational efficiencies. MORE

Service Activation Manager (SAM)

Service Activation Manager automates the provisioning of customer services and features. SAM's interface to the Customer Care module facilitates service changes associated with residential or business accounts. The SAM module continually monitors service requests, searches for applicable commands and audits the results. This valuable module communicates with a variety of data collection/management devices and switches for landline, Internet, video, optical network terminals, and wireless resale. In addition, it provides quick, efficient provisioning of new accounts, removal of existing accounts, performs a mass audit of service and billing records and provides the ability to "test drive" promotional feature package campaigns. MORE


E-Care is an EBPP and self-service solution that provides the online billing and account and service maintenance options that today's customers demand. E-care mirrors the corporate image presented by your website and provides your customers with secure access for viewing monthly bills, making payments, choosing electronic payment methods, maintaining accounts and services and accessing other account information such as unbilled usage, balances and service details. E-Care can help you save money, reduce churn and keep ahead of market expectations. MORE

Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer provides cash, check, debit and credit card support for retail transactions, invoice payments and deposits. This module calculates sales tax and change due, prints a receipt, integrates transactions with MBS Customer Care functions and provides a reconciliation report for balancing purposes. One installation of the Cash Drawer module serves multiple remote locations and sales channels. Cash Drawer compliments the full range of payment support of MBS, including optical scanner, and uses the identical search capabilities of Customer Care for easy account identification. MORE


Customer Care retains patron information in exportable files for use by CDG's PC Patronage interface or a third-party product. The module is designed to calculate capital credits for the patrons of telephone cooperatives. The system provides complete control of the time frame in which patronage processing is performed and contains the flexibility to choose the capital credit allocations categories that best suit your business needs. MORE


Mobile provides tools for your employees to manage their work while they are in the field or on the road. From updating customer premise equipment, assigning available equipment for service orders, working trouble tickets, and handling tasks through your personal calendar to managing prospective clients. MORE

Query Reporting Tool (QRT)

QRT is a web-based query creation application that allows you to quickly set up database queries through easy-to-use "Views" and define the output that is created from the query results. Whether you need to create a custom report, a Dashboard gadget or a targeted email campaign, QRT can do it all. MORE


CDG's Dashboard helps gauge every facet of your business. From vital financial and service performance information to workflow and troubleshooting tools, Dashboard is designed to provide the information executives and managers need at their fingertips. Included as part of the core MBS Customer Care system and fully integrated with other MBS modules, Dashboard is an indispensable tool for seeing and understanding the big picture and the small details of your business. MORE

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SAM has been my favorite employee for years! Last night I made a big account change and accidentally hit the complete button, instead of sending the order to SAM. This morning I used SAM sync to correct my mistake. No need to have to ask a technician for help. LOVE IT!!!!

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Crossville, IL