Mediation provides integrated standard rating for non-tiered/non-bulk plans, or Mediation can be combined with our MBS consumer billing solution to provide you advanced rating options.

Combining Mediation with the rating engine in our MBS system allows you to define advanced rating structures that can combine rate plan codes, allowance codes and discount and miscellaneous charge codes, and makes it possible for a service provider to quickly activate new services without programming delays and collect information to reliably bill consumers.


  • Rate plans based on location or specific dates.
  • Rate banding by distance/location and rate period differentiation.
  • Application of surcharges.
  • Initial and overtime rating units.
  • Holiday rating.
  • Custom allowances for excluding usage from normal pricing and defining override rates applicable to usage within specific rate periods.
  • Allowance pooling and pre-polling.
  • Units vs. transaction rating.
  • Discounts and miscellaneous charges based on usage or non-usage selection criteria.
  • Supports step and volume tier structures.

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We have [been] a licensee of the CDG MBS [Mediation] and [BDS-I] product[s] since March 2001. The software is user friendly. We not only increased our revenue but our accuracy as well.

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