Mediation can receive and process a variety of data from different switches and network systems, including next-generation softswitches, such as Taqua, GENBAND, MetaSwitch, Redcom, and Siemens, as well as an array traditional switches for wireline, wireless and IP service types.

Switch Compatibility

  • Traditional switches, such as Northern, Lucent, Siemens and Mitel.
  • Soft switches, such as Taqua, GENBAND, Metaswitch, REDCOM, Siemens and Centile.
  • VOD Servers, such as Myrio, Motorola and Conklin.

Data Format Compatibility

  • Automatic Message Accounting (AMA)
  • Automatic Message Accounting Data Networking Systems (AMADNS)
  • Exchange Message Interface (EMI)
  • A variety of Call Detail Records (CDRs), including:
        Toly Digital
        Level 3 GTO
        XCast Labs
        Zone Telecom
        Spirit Telecom
        Bell Canada
  • Transcend Daily Call Detail (Verizon)
  • Standard Daily Extract (CenturyLink)
  • Lucent Flexent / AUTOPLEX Executive Call Processor
  • Comma-delimited (.csv) transaction files for VoIP
  • Comma-delimited (.csv) transaction files for VOD

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We have [been] a licensee of the CDG MBS [Mediation] and CABS product[s] since March 2001. The software is user friendly. We not only increased our revenue but our accuracy as well.

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